The non-governmental organization “Jan Sahas Social Development Society”, which predominantly campaigns for rights of women and children from socially neglected segments of society, is being supported financially with around 50,000 euros.

The signing of the contract took place on 28th January by Ambassador Dr. Martin Ney and the Secretary of Jan Sahas, Asif Shaikh, at the German Embassy.

Entitled “Empowering victims of sexual violence in rural areas in five states of India” the victims of sexual violence are trained to be “barefoot lawyers” through trainings in the legal and medical field. In this manner women from neglected segments of society in rural areas of the states Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Maharashtra are enabled to claim and excercise their rights.

In addition to the training of the affected women, government officials, doctors and lawyers are also made aware of the needs of the victims of sexual violence. Efficient procedures, which offer fast and non-bureaucratic help, are developed through training and orientation programmes.

In addition to that, political policymakers are informed about the needs and rights of the victims of sexual violence, e.g. through a national conference in cooperation with the National Commission for Women in India. The project should reach 25000 people in all till 2016.The promotion of the rights of women is the focus of the human rights work of the German government. The perennial project to eliminate prenatal sex selection with the partner organization “Centre for Social Research” was successfully completed in 201

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